A taste of resort life at Musket Cove

You might want to skip this one, not the most exciting day. Up at 5:00am and first thing I hauled Carl up the mast to remove the Windex (wind sensor). That completed without injury we moved on to removing the jib (it was too windy yesterday). Those projects complete we decided to move into the nearby anchorage by the resorts as the sand spit was very exposed (which was fine) but we had nearly constant long boats buzzing past all day long rocking the boat.

The re-anchoring was a bit of a fiasco. First spot, everything was good but while cooling the engines we got buzzed simultaneously by two long boats (one on each side), close enough to spray water on the steps. We took this to mean, don’t anchor here… Next spot was near the mooring ball that Carl and Roxy frequently used, after letting out the chain and putting on the bridle I was uncomfortable with how close we were to a shoal and bommie. We moved forward another 20 meters and re-anchored, that is for the third time if you are counting, and this time we were happy with everything. Whew. Finally we could have our morning coffee.

More work filled the day, but the payoff came at 2:30pm when we called it quits and paddled to one of the nearby resorts. The wind made it much more work that I would prefer but we both eventually made it (one of us, albiet much slower). Carl gave me a tour of facilities and we settled in by the pool and jumped in to cool off and wash the sweat away. Whelp, this pool is stupid hot. No cooling off happening here. I relaxed on a lounger while Carl talked to a couple from Canada. Then the time had come to head for the Cruiser’s bar for a game or two of Schock. As I expected, Carl crushed me yet again. Not even close. In five minutes he had won his two rounds and enjoyed his 500ml German beer on me. Oh well still a fun afternoon.

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