Last passage of the season

Sadly the season is winding down and this would be out last significant passage, still only 25 nm but an interesting one. Dodging reefs this way, jogging that way between islands, and on the ready when an anchored fishing boat was close to our track. No drama and before 10:00am the hook was set on the sand spit in Musket Cove. On arrival, two other boats were already anchored and shortly after a long boat came with a couple for a private beach experience. At low tide a sand bar forms and these two were setup with chair and an umbrella (it was a hot one today). They had probably an hour before the party catamarans arrived dumping out a hundred or so people on their previously private beach.

We started the decommissioning process. Carl dove into the stern berth and cleaning the various items on the boat (life sling, throwables, helm seat cushions, life raft, etc.) while I did a deep clean followed by vinegar treatment of the starboard head. We reconvened to vacuum the rugs and then went about removing the main sail and stack pack. With two of us it went pretty quickly and we had them stored in the newly cleaned starboard head. The wind had pipped up, so we decided to hold off on the jib until tomorrow morning. Still we crushed the punch list getting much more accomplished than anticipated.

In the afternoon, once the party boats departed, we grabbed our snorkel gear and swam for the now underwater sand bar. With a 20 knot wind and swimming into waves, the expectation was for it to be a lot of work but in the end it wasn’t too bad. We covered 300 meters in twenty minutes or so. The big success was on the swim back were I found a nearly brand new snorkel in 20 feet of water. Carl swapped it out with his old snorkel for a nice upgrade.

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