Hahn’s Peak Lake Catching

Whelp I will admit I had zero hopes of catching any fish and when my step-father asked if I had a smaller cooler I rolled my eyes. But nevertheless looking for a nice day outside I was game for some fishing. Once we got setup and threw our lines out I fell into the typical cast, reel, repeat with no interest in my lure. Oh well.

So it came as a shock forty-five minutes later when Gerry hollered he had a fish on. Huh, well that is pretty awesome. His fish was on the smaller size so we decided to return it to the lake. Still convinced we wouldn’t be catching dinner I went about trying different lures with zero success. Around the time Gerry reeled in his second fish, and a good size rainbow trout, I moved over to his spot on the lake.

The action heated up and after a few hours I had brought in three fish, losing one right at the shoreline. Blerg. And Gerry snagged four. Of that we kept the four largest and dinner plans were made. I guess we will be calling this day “catching” and not just “fishing”. This was a time I was thrilled to be proven wrong.

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