Happy Halloween!

Groundhog day and/or Halloween? The wind picked up around 2:30am back into the mid to upper 30s just like yesterday. With 24 hours of continuous wind my confidence in our anchor holding let me sleep until 6:00am. The sunrise is getting later with a 6:50 rise over the horizon. The waves outside of the bay looked frightening with huge breakers. Up went the Halloween decorations while Jack whipped up some breakfast. Wonder if we will get any trick or treaters?

Relaxing over a game of Farkle a shrimp boat came up behind us. Quite close making me wonder why the heck is was anchoring so close. As they kept sneaking up closer we realized they wanted to talk. It was a challenged understanding them but finally we deciphered that they were hoping for a dinghy ride to the beach. Duh, no problem. Drop the dinghy and I tuck in to the lee of their boat. They wanted to give us shrimp but we were good so I decline. They seemed to really want to show their appreciation and ultimate I caved in to their offer for flounder. They loaded a head gasket, engine parts, head from a large engine and a big bag of shrimp, in jumped in one of the fishermen and we were off. After a couple soaking waves we turned to put the waves on our beam until close to the beach and in the wind shadow. Then straight up to their waiting friends were we off loaded the goods and a case of Bud light was ferried back to the shrimp boat. They offered us 4 kg (8.8 pounds) of flounder but I explained that is too generous that ½ kg would be plenty. Soon a big bag with probably 2.5 kg was dropped in the dinghy. Fist bumps and adios before I chugged back to Strikhedonia.

In the afternoon the stircrazy feelings got us back in the dinghy. We walked along the beach about a mile before coming to an airstip. There was a plane tied down and after numerous guesses Jack called it, a Maule aircraft. We carried on to Highway 1 where there was a market and as luck would they had cabbage (which we had forgotten to buy) and just enough pesos to cover the tab. A few people offered us rides back to the Eco hotel where we left the dinghy but after yesterdays lack of exercise we happily walked the entire way.

Not ready for the boat, we took the dinghy around the corner of the island and to a somewhat protected bay where I explored and Jack to a bath in the ocean. Okay, now ready we returned in time for a cocktail. With the wind now cycling between calm and 15 knots we breathed a sigh of relief that this northerly was coming to an end.

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