Harken 46 Disassembly, Cleaning, Grease, and Re-assembly

Disassembly of a Harken 46 was pretty straight forward. The pictures were a big help in making sure everything fell back into place when reassembling the winch.

Supplies used:
Bucket for clean and dirty parts
Small cleaning brush (nylon)
1” Paint brush
Harken Winch Grease
Harken Pawl oil
Large and small flat head screwdrivers
Allen wrenches
Clean rags
Mineral spirits

First unscrew the slotted screw holding the top of the winch on.

Top slotted screw removed

Bottom of the drum

Remove spacer and second bearing

Remove the Allen head bolts

View of the gears before removal

Second angle of gears

Wiping down parts as they are removed

Important washer

Removal of the main shaft and pawl gear

Remaining gears

Gear and pin

Second pawl

Pawl gear, note the bottom as the washer only fits on side

Final washer

A good cleaning with the mineral spirits and brush. Then we wiped off the excess mineral spirits with a shop towel before letting the parts dry on the tarp.

The grease is only for the gears, the pawl oil is for the bearings and pawl. Just coat the parts don’t over do it with the grease, otherwise you will have a serious dirt magnet.

Re-assembly was just a reverse of the disassembly with lots of referencing the photos. All done and she spins like a top! Ready for more fun times on the water.

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