A hike, a snorkel, and a sunset walk

We stepped it up with one of my favorite hikes in the Sea to start the day. The view of El Burro bay makes me smile every time. We followed the ridgeline over to check out Cocos and Santispac bays too. Once on the beach we strolled by all the homes and talked with a few retirees who were enjoying the perfect weather.

Back on Strikhedonia we made some sandwiches and motored off to Isla Coyote where a beach lunch was enjoyed in the shade. Man this is the life. After lunch Jack took off for snorkeling leaving me to listen to the waves lapping against the shore and get in some meditation. Forty five minutes later I started the search to pick him up and surprisingly he was much further than expected, which did give me a slight concern. All told he made it about half way around the island. Safely located and in the dinghy we headed off to play with some dolphins and to follow the shoreline back to Strikhedonia.

With a quick turnaround, cleaning up and securing everything and we were off for Santa Domingo. Reaching the channel of the bay the wind picked up, but the ride was still fairly nice and just some roll and occasional slap of water on the hull. Soon enough we were anchored and enjoying the calm boat in 15 knots of breeze off the shore.

An hour before sunset we hit the beach, first chatting with a group of sea kayakers from BC Canada who just finished their first day on the water. Just seven more days of paddling for them to reach the finish line in Loreto. With the sun dipping we continued on to the south side of the beach where Jack hung out at his favorite spot while I drifted north to mine. I got waylaid meeting the Simon from SV Sibi who was dropping off fire wood for a bonfire. I kept moving after chatting a bit but not long after met his wife, Julie, and their two daughters. Well the conversation ended my progression north but it was nice to talk to them so it was all good. With that Jack and I headed home as my belly was grumbling.

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