Horizontal Stabilizer, let the riveting begin!

Not a day of massive visual progress but a good start to the riveting of the Horizontal Stabilizer. I had missed the counter sinking of the front spar and stringers, so that was a few hours. I think what happened is I countersunk the rear spar and headed off for lunch and by the time I got back to work I had forgotten I had more to CS – probably because it is such a boring job.

Anyhow, cleco’d the center stringer section, riveting it up and then assembled the rest of the HS skeleton. I hadn’t prep’d the skins for riveting so I had to remove the blue film from the rivet holes and then due to the complex rivet size pattern I wrote on the skins the rivet sizes. Closing out the day I riveted the four end nose ribs. Tomorrow the interior nose ribs and more…

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