Non-standard changes, take a guess on time and triple it…

So I am learning the lesson on how long things take when you deviate from the plans. First, I have to say the past two days designing parts and figuring things out myself has been fun. But…it is very time consuming. Take the PH Aviation flap bracket. I chose to design something myself and I think I’m on design rev 4 or 5. It is an iterative process. But I am happy with the results and enjoy the idea that I’m forging my own path.

So today started with reworking the flap actuator bracket, which when mounting pointed out another necessary change. Oh and then another change. I don’t want to admit how many hours I have on this project. The bracket for the Andair fuel selector valve on the other hand went together really easy and quick – call that a win. The AeroSplat tunnel access panel proved to be a time sink. Mainly due to figuring out the best tools to use to cut the opening and then the work to make the cover fit nicely. Also accomplished today, fuel senders/fuel strainers/fuel vent all installed and pro-sealed in. Also the flap gap and aileron gap fairings were installed.

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