Huicholes people’s petrogyph hike

The Chacala area has been inhabited for thousands of years. Long before the Spanish arrived or even Christ for that matter. An area known a La Pila del Rey is about thirty minutes from Chacala and was site of many offerings and sacrifices by the Tecoxquin native culture. Our friends on Sky Pond mentioned the hike last year. At the time we were on a schedule and couldn’t squeeze it in but this year I was committed to making it happen. They had given me the name of a guide that used and his phone number, so in Matanchen I gave Chua (Chewy) a call. We set a time for Wednesday morning at 7:00am as he likes to visit before others arrive experience the magic of this place alone.

Xplore Chacala Chua can be reached at +52-1-327-105-3504, he speaks excellent English and has a surf shop on the main street. 450 pesos per person (4 person minimum in 2019) plus tip for the four hour tour.

Chua is from Chacala and was a great guide, while not a member of the Huicholes people, growing up and through out his life he has listened to many stories. They opened up to him because of his interest the history of the native people. Typical “history” books and government publications take history from the perspective of the Spanish invaders, so we felt extremely lucky to hear the history of the natives.

Before reaching the final petrogpyhs and the large pool Chua had not told us about it’s importance. Without any words, upon reaching it Vicki had a profound sense that is was a special place. Where she spent a long time in meditation and reflection.

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