A work day in beautiful Chacala

Shockingly everyone was awake at my normal time (pre 6:00am), but we didn’t get moving that fast. Around 8:30 we dropped off our laundry and headed for more coffee and Wifi. I had a lot of work to catch up on so it was head down and plow through. Eventually Jean and Vicki were done with the Wifi while and headed off for some shopping. Once finished up I went off in search of them and the benefits of a small town paid off with me finding them without too much effort. From there was walked around town a bit before returning to our dinghy.

Still in work mode, I checked the zincs. Not much erosion, but I changed on triangle zinc since Strikhedonia would be sitting in a marina for six weeks when we head home for Christmas next week. Belly rumbling I fixed myself some lunch and worked to get caught up on the first Harry Potty movie (we started a movie marathon last night) which I slept through most of – some things never change…

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