I’m building an aluminum airplane, right?

I feel good about today, only because of what I got accomplished. It started with two and a half hours prep’ing windows and sanding the windshield. Still more sanding on the fiberglass tomorrow but I couldn’t take any more.

I moved on to the poorly built Hotel Whiskey ER fuel tanks. Troy at Hotel Whiskey warranties them for life and supposedly test to 5psi for 24 hours. I returned the first set and the second set were only marginally better. An upcoming blog post will go into greater detail. Anyhow, I did the install on the left tank (all that remained by drilling the five mounting holes. Oh wait, and re-bending two of the tabs since the tank doesn’t sit flush against the rib. Fucking A.

After lunch it was go time on the windows. I had to touch up sand one of the door windows, tape/scuff the left rear and windshield. Then the gluing began. It was a well rehearsed process that really went about as well as it could and I am pleased with the result. Not perfect but solid quality work. This literally took the whole afternoon and into the evening. I am not a fan.

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