Windows, so much effort on the windows

Yep, still taping/sanding windows. I got the rear windows finished on the inside and I got some prep work done on the windshield on the inside. Put down another layer of fiberglass around the windshield on the outside. Of course this meant more sanding first. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy sanding?

The replacement ER Fuel tanks arrived today. Much to my disappointment the welds are only marginally improved from the originals. Sadly at this point I would tell anyone interested to NO buy from Whiskey Hotel. I will likely have a local welder build new tanks. Yes, they are that bad.

The other big project of the day was working on the left side wing fairing. I got the heavy lift of the top skin completed. Tomorrow, after sanding, I will knock out the bottom skin.

Oops, almost forgot. Got the right side fuel line from the wing to the fuselage installed. Check.

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