Right wing fairing complete!

Wow baby, that was a bigger pain than one would think. Lots of nutplates – check. Metal forming – check, minimal room for riveting – fucking check. Only had to drill out two nutplates that interfered with the rivets to the fuselage, that would have been nice to note in the manual. Yep, I’m a little salty. Still remaining is installing the iced up fuel vent safety valve and then I can move on to the left wing root fairing. If history repeats, it will go much faster than the right. In case you are wondering, a picture below shows all the tool it took to install the fairing.

Also today, another layer of fiberglass on the bottom of the windshield and the first layer around the sides/top. Another layer tomorrow and I think we will call it structurally sound.

I also did some taping/sanding prep on the windows. I have decided to add a filet to the inside seam between the window and fiberglass and fill the gap on the outside. I have 1.5 windows ready out of 4.5. Hard to motivate myself on this one but a little bit each day is manageable.

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