Brakes oh my

So yesterday I spent over an hour trying to figure out why the brakes were dragging. Today I was committed to solving this drama. I took the brakes apart again. This time I found that the bolt holding the brake assembly to the axle had an interference issue. Why was this not in the manuals??? Still the rear pad was dragging. Another call to Matco and I found I placed a washer incorrectly. I need to calibrate my torque wrench since the bolts are supposed to be set to 100 inch/pounds and I think I am over torquing them.

Good to have the wings tips checked off, which was knocked out today. So many nutplates. Like seriously so many. Otherwise pretty straight forward.

I also got to working on the wing root fairings. And more nutplates. I got them trimmed and match drilled. At least on the right side. One little jewel I found was the QB builders made a mistake on a nutplate location. So I had to drill out their nutplate, put in a new one lug nutplate and then patch the extra holes (see a picture below). But it is all good. The workmanship on the QB kits was very good.

Last up for the day was sanding the elevator tips and rudder fairing.

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