Wire Used In My Build

I ended up with some excess wire left over but not an obscene amount. The table below shows all of the wire I purchased for my build and was used to complete 100% of the wiring in my plane

FeetPart NumberSource
10M22759/16-18-0 Black Wire 18 AWG TefzeProwire
100M22759/16-18-9 White 18 AWG TefzeSkygeek
50M22759/16-20-0 Black 20 AWG Wire TefzelProwire
50M22759/16-20-2 Red Wire 20 AWG TefzelProwire
100M22759/16-22-0 Black 22 AWG TefzeSkygeek
25M22759/16-22-0 Black Wire 22 AWG TefzelProwire
100M22759/16-22-2 Red 22 AWG TefzeSkygeek
25M22759/16-22-2 Red Wire 22 AWG TefzelProwire
100M22759/16-22-5 Green 22 AWG TefzeSkygeek
100M22759/16-22-9 White 22 AWG TefzeSkygeek
100M27500/16SB2T23 16 AWG x 2 Shielded CableSkygeek
108M27500/18SB2T23 18 AWG x 2 Shielded CableProwire
251M27500/22SB2T23 22 AWG x 2 Shieled CableProwire
160M27500/22SB3T23 22 AWG x 3 Shielded CableProwire
12M27500/22SB4T23 22 AWG x 4 Shielded CableProwire
15M27500-14SB2T23 14 AWG x 2 Shielded CableProwire
85M27500-20ML2T08 20 AWG x 2 Shielded CableProwire
90AWG 20, Type K Thermocouple wire, Jacketed pairStein Air
100M17/128-RG400 Mil-Spec Coax Cable QPL VersionFieldComponents
272 Awg Motorsport Battery Cable RedProwire
254 Awg Motorsport Battery Cable RedProwire

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