Installing the SDS Aero Sealed Induction Tube Kit

I performed the Savvy Induction leak test last month and everything was looking good but I decided to be proactive and upgrade my induction tube flanges. Vic Syracuse recommends replacing the induction gaskets at 300 hours and seeing as I’m at 220 the time seemed right. SDS Aero out of Canada has a great kit the replaced the crappy paper gaskets with an O-ring that should eliminate the need for future servicing. I placed the order with Ross via email and soon it arrived on my doorstep. Let’s get these parts installed!

Ross has a video that walks you through the process and removes any question of whether or not you installed it correctly. And he even included six extra O-rings, I’m not sure if that is for future use or if a lot of people pinch the O-ring and need a few extra. Either way it was a nice little addition he threw in the kit.

One note I read on VAF after installation, you can use the top tension clip to hold the flange at the top to the tube, installed the o-ring/spacer, and then bolt on

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