Fall Craftsman 247.889704 Snowblower servicing

Whelp winter is just around the corner and it was a good day to service my snowblower. Last year it had been a bit rough at idle and since a new carb was only $40 it seemed like a good idea to just replace it. I had started to disassemble in the winter only to change my mind once I saw how much effort it would take.

Now with a warm garage and no pressure of snowfall, I took on the project. It wasn’t as bad as I expected and probably 15-20 minutes later I had the carb off and set about finding a new one. Hell that probably took as long as the work itself since most of the carbs that I found online were cheap Chinese knockoffs.

OEM Carb (Huayi 170SA) ordered I went about other fall servicing; changing the oil, checking and re-gapping the spark plug, and adjusting the feet and control cables. Oh and I almost forgot, I find the primer hose was cracked on both ends, so that was replaced as well. Finished with all that I can now officially say, “Bring on the snow!!!”

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