Just a bit of progress and a lot of parts ordering

A big chunk of this week has been spent ordering electrical connectors and hardware. For me a painstaking process to determining what is needed, documenting it, and ordering it. It wasn’t only buying fun, I had four packages with items to return too. I’d much rather be building.

I did manage to get a couple things accomplished today, the correct tubes arrived so I was able to install them in my Matco wheels. Went together nice and easy. The other project was getting the carbon fiber panel to fit in the cockpit. The pitfall of building the panel before my kit arrived was the nutplates on the fuselage didn’t line up. Ugh. Lots of thoughts and ideas which ultimately distilled down to cutting 1/4″ slots in the mounting holes for the aluminum Aerosport panel. This places the carbon fiber panel nicely in the fuselage. Relieved to have that worked out.

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