Carbon Fiber day, so excited

Finished up cutting the holes for the defrost fans (2 of 2) which went quick and then it was on to the day’s major effort – cutting/sanding carbon fiber. First I took on the vents on the panel which was a warm up to the overhead console. The console had four vents which weren’t too bad other than a lot of carbon fiber/epoxy dust. Yuck. The biggest time of the day was spent installing the nutplates for the aluminum panel inserts which will hold the overhead lights. It is a many step process to install each of the 18 nut plates. I still have 8 to go (I didn’t have any single lug nutplates…).

The four NACA vents got ProSeal attachement so we will have a nice cooling breeze once up in the air on a hot day.

Also the last of my avionics arrived and after many months I could confirm that the G5 and G3X fit nicely together. I really thought I was going to have to shave carbon fiber to make room. Mark that as a win.

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