A La Paz Thanksgiving

I had reached out to Club Cruceros via email about buying tickets for Thanksgiving dinner but they needed cold hard cash. Our friends on MoonDrifter were going but they were getting in close to Thanksgiving as well. So with an early start from Caleta Partida, we made it close enough to La Paz to join the morning net and get put on the wait list for tickets. Yep, it was sold out…

Posting for the Club Cruceros Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving a few days away, we had a number of boat projects that were in need of getting crossed off. Number 1, or maybe number 2 behind a super complete boat wash, was getting the anchor light bulb replaced. But not without a bit more drama, evidently the Baja Haha fleet had taken over the marinas – thankfully the folks at Marina Cortez liked us enough last year to let us tie up to the non-electric dock.

Once secured it was up the mast to remove the bad bulb and over to Lopez Marina to buy a replacement. It was a smooth operation, albeit a hot one with temperatures in the upper eighties. Check that off the list. Arturo stopped by during this and we got him scheduled for a few days of getting Strikhedonia whipped back into shape.

I know filament bulbs suck but was an easy replacement and we can afford the wasted electricity.

Check that off the list too! There were some other little projects to keep us busy until Thanksgiving but we did manage to squeeze in some super tasty food in preparation for the big day.

Gotta love ribs at J&R ribs!

Who doesn’t have ice cream after dinner?

Vicki attended a Sea Watch presentation and learned that Nim in La Paz was a local restaurant committed to sustainable fishing. So a visit to support them was necessary.

Shrimp and scallop spring rolls

Arab style lamb croquettes

Caneloni de mariscos

Provisioning was needed so off to Chedraui but with a stop for waffles on the way.

Good lord there was a lot of butter, but damn tasty

And finally the main event, Thanksgiving! We did end up getting a ticket as they let the five wait list people join the festivites. Whew.

Our tickets to the show!

It was a big crowd squeezed in at La Costa

We joined our friends Helen and Ralph from MoonDrift along with some new friends

Clearly not the first rodeo, the event ran smoothly thanks for a bunch of volunteers and patient cruisers

That is one impressive plate of food, and it tasted even better than it looks.

Our time in La Paz was great, and saw us across the half way line for this trip, but it was time to move on and cross the sea to Mazatlan. Bring on the tropics!

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