Step 1 for Crossing to Mazatlan, get to Bahia Muertos

I like an early start to the day, even more so when there is fun stuff to do at the destination. So just before dawn we pulled away from our slip and began navigating the long exit La Paz. It was nice to sail to the San Lorenzo Channel but after our turn southeast it became a motorsail. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

By two in the afternoon we were anchored in Bahia Los Muertos with 18 of our cruising friends. I suppose we shouldn’t complain as we heard stories of 35 boats anchored here when the Haha fleet arrived. The afternoon started with a snorkel on the eastern reef, which was alright but seemed less impressive than I remembered it. Maybe it was the last years new adventure. Maybe it was that the north sea is more untouched. Maybe we picked a bad day. Don’t get me wrong it was still a fun snorkel, it was just less fish and coral than I remembered.

A run back to Strikhedonia to change and off we went to the hotel for some snacks and pool time! Be prepared, Centros de Trenes is cruiser friendly but you will be paying US prices. A few drinks, nachos, and tortilla soup made for happy bellies. I should add, the tortilla soup was damn good, I recommend it! The pool gave us a chance to test out the water slide and rinse off the salt water. Mark this as a great day.

Menu at Centros de Trenes

Upstairs model train display

We kept it a fairly early night, as tomorrow we would be departing early for our passage to Mazatlan, so back to the boat before cruisers midnight.

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