La Paz’s tight grip

Such is the common saying that La Paz is like a rubber band trapping people for weeks or months longer than planned. It is a nice city, beautiful malecon, restaurants, large cruiser community, and lots to see and do. Making it easy how it gets its reputation.

After the rudder bearing repair and new anchor roller installation we were ready to sprint further North. Mother Nature had other plans. We continue to follow a very conservative path when it comes to weather. In this case there was no decision to be made with the port closed for four days. The unintended benefit was meeting a fun couple. Whoops, it is necessary to step back.

Before Jean arrived I bumped into a couple at the Marina Cortez front desk and then again at the sports bar watching the football game. A stack of empty Indio bottles and chicken bones were left behind after four hours of hanging out. The next day, the odd coincidence that Brian (SV Pura Vida) and I share the same birthday – and that happened to be that day! Liz and Brian had planned a beach day and I got the invite along with Mark on SV Jolly Dogs. Mark had too many projects but the three of us enjoyed a sunny day on the Magote with more beers, and visits from all the cruisers with dogs aboard. Damn that was a lot of dogs. A perfect relaxing way to celebrate, even if I was a little bummed that Jean was still in Minnesota.

Once Jean arrived and we were trapped on the dock by a northerly and it became a common occurrence to see the five of us together. Sundowners. Ribs. Huge hamburguesas. Beer. Cheap breakfasts. We covered a lot of ground and had a great time together. And then finally the weather broke and we headed north while Pura Vida headed south, and Mark waited for Isabelle to arrive. So, it was until next time as we departed La Paz.

Oh and thankfully Liz had the idea to couple’s photos in front of the La Paz sign. I feel a tradition beginning…

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