LED Marine Boat Lighting – Options, Comparison, and Examples

Awhile back I posted on Cruisersforums about LED lighting and the response was helpful but directed towards visiting a chandlery or recommendations for online sources. Ultimately I ended up purchasing four different bulbs.

Bulbs Tested
I tested bulbs from Lighting Ever (LE), Hero-LED, Brightech, and iLLumi Projections (photo above matches order above).

The components are on the back of the printed circuit board. All have electrolytic capacitors which are prone to failure. I considered upgrading to tantalum, which are much more stable, but decided the cost and effort wasn’t worth the effort until I start seeing failures. I also considered adding an epoxy coating to protect against corrosion but again decided to wait and see.

The quality of the light from the Lighting Ever (LE) and Hero-LED bulbs were excellent, closely matching an incandescent bulb. I was disappointed in the blue tint from the Brightech and iLLumi Projection bulbs. iLLumi Projection was misleading in calling their bulb color “pure white” when in reality it is a cool white, but the Brightech was honest about their color temperature.

The iLLumi Projections is on the left while the Hero-LED is on the right, notice the substantial color variation.

Another example of the Hero-LED, nice color and wide lighting angle.

Overall, I found 1.2 watts from the Hero-LED to be the best level of lumens (light produced) with the added bonus of using the least amount of current for the majority of the bulb replacements. The exception being, using the 3 watts Lighting Ever (LE) for kitchen and over the BBQ where added light is helpful. In the salon, I found the Lighting Ever (LE) 3 watts to be too much and the Lighting Ever (LE) 1.5 watt was a comfortable light level at night.

Technical Data

Brand Lighting EVER Hero-LED Brightech iLLumi Projections Lighting EVER
Part Number 600017-WW-3 SG4-6T-5PK-WW B00B4351RO G4-6S-5730-SP-CW-1224-SF 600016-WW-3
Cost $2.50 $3.19 $6.99 $4.67 $2.08
Color Warm White Warm White Cool White Cool White (Claimed Pure White) Warm White
Lumens 280 120 140 220 160
Wattage 3.2 watts (claimed 3.0W) 1.2 watts 1.4 watts 2.1 watter (claimed 3.0W) 1.6 watts (claimed 1.5W)
Color Temperature 3000 Kelvin 3000 Kelvin 6000 Kelvin 6000 Kelvin 3000 Kelvin
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 85 80 N/A N/A 85
Voltage 12 volts 12 volts 12 volts 12-24 volts 12 volts
Item Weight 1.6 ounces 0.3 ounces 1.6 ounces 1.1 ounces 0.8 ounces
Assembled Width 1.4 1 1.2 1 1.2
Fixture Features Not Dimmable Not Dimmable Not Dimmable Not Dimmable Not Dimmable
Incandescent equivalent 40 watts 12 watts 10 watts 40 watts 20 watts
Average Life 50000 hours 50000 hours N/A N/A 50000 hours
Number of LED 21 6 10 6 10

Install Pictures


Lighting EVER (3W)


With frosted glass and chrome bezel

Seawind 1160 Light Fixtures
There are a total of 24 light fixtures

Port Hull
Qty 4 Master Berth
Qty 2 Hull
Qty 2 Head

Qty 2 Fore
Qty 3 Aft
Qty 3 Deck/BBQ

Starboard Hull
Qty 3 Queen Berth
Qty 2 Twin Berth
Qty 2 Galley
Qty 1 Head

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