Moving on north to Refugio

Finally a day where we can get moving again. Don Juan was a good protector but after four nights, water too cold to snorkel, and dreams of northern anchorages we were ready to move on. The plan had been to wait until 9:00am but the wind dropped off to less than 10 knots earlier than forecast so at 7:00am we pulled up anchor and we led five boats with plans to move to Refugio.

The forecast prepared us for periods of 25+ knots of wind. So we started jib only. Four miles in we raised the main sail at reef two. Six miles out we shook out the reef and motorsailed with full main ad jib. The wind came and went as we passed by the numerous islands protecting Bahia Los Angeles. From there it was still light wind with occasional periods of up to 11 knots of wind. Mostly a day motoring, which considering how rough this section of the sea can be it, was without complaint. Oh and we did manage 30 minutes of motor off full on sailing – yes I realized the irony of owning a sailboat and proudly claiming 30 minutes of sailing on a seven plus hour passage.

Approaching the anchorage the only tricky part was weaving our way between a couple islands and at one point a narrow passage. The swell and current were a challenged and added to it was a significant vibration on the port engine. Backing up the boat seemed to clear the issue and from there we sailed through and to the anchorage.

I dove the anchor and inspected the port propeller (finding nothing amiss). The water was warmer but still chilly. Given our upcoming crossing the Puerto Pensaco, I also scraped the bottom of a few barnacles (the new bottom paint is doing awesome, only two minor bottom cleanings in four months). A mellow evening closed out the a nice day on the water with everyone aboard happy and excited to be in such a beautiful place.

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