Party time on Salish Dragon

We had a mellow last day in Don Juan with a call on the radio from Salish Dragon (attempt number two) inviting to the fleet of eight boats to join them for dinner at 5:00pm. Sweet, nice to get a chance to socialize. You might be wondering about the early start time. Well the winds were forecast to blow, yes again.

Evening rolled around and we talked Scott (SV Malika) to give us a ride as I had glued the rub rail on the dinghy and wanted to give it time to cure. Getting to Salish Dragon I realized I forgot our dish to share – duh. Jack and Shalise joined the party while Scott shuttled me back to Strikhedonia.

Steve and Tracy (Salish Dragon) had made fantastic seafood chowder with wahoo and shrimp. So, so good. And fresh biscuits from Tracy and Ken (SV Sedna) were the perfect compliment. Of course around 6:00 the wind piped up with a peak gust of 31 knots. Here we go again, but it didn’t stop the party. All the food was great and everyone walked away stuffed. As the sun began to set folks started leaving and we weren’t far behind.

The wind had dropped back down to below 15 knots so a stop on Scott’s boat to see his two love birds (literally) and for a tour. It is always fun to see how people have outfitted their boats and the items they choose to decorate their homes. We ended up hanging out chatting for quite awhile. Of course Jib got plenty of attention before we called it a night.

Back on board a quick game of Monopoly Deal was squeezed in before hitting our bunks.

I was doing a bit of reading as the wind picked up again. It built. And it built. And it built. We had a peak wind speed of 49 knots – a record for me on Strikhedonia. Thankfully our ground tackle (and everyone else’s) held tight and there was not drama beyond the loud sound of the wind whipping the boat. Around 1:00am things settled down and I managed to get some uninterrupted sleep.

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