Time for reflection and dinner with friends

The wind gods blessed us with a gorgeous morning. Jack and I gave fishing another go and this time without the waves we reached the area I hoped would bring us good luck. We didn’t see a lot of sea life, maybe we are too close to Bahia LA where there is a lot of pressure. However, about twenty minutes in Jack hooked up a cabrilla. Unfortunately the drag was set too lose and the fish went straight for the rocks where it squeezed in tight. We gave a good attempt to harvest the fish and more importantly our lure but ultimately it was lost. Blerg. Double blerg is that we didn’t get any other bites and two hours after we left we headed home tail between our legs.

Afternoon came and I dropped the kayak for a leisurely trip around the bay. Just a touch of wind kept most of the bugs away. I watched the rocks drift under my boat and pulled into a marshy area with lots of tiny minnows. The cool part about this spot was the noise of tiny air bubbles popping. I’m not sure if it was from the fish or the plants.

I beached the kayak near the bleached, deteriorating boat (San Agustin III) and hiked up a hill. There was a flat spot on top where I stared out and thought about my puppy Abbey. Well, puppy is a stretch as she is thirteen and this morning I learned that the vet had found a large tumor on spleen. She had been having some issues for a few years and the past few weeks she was not eating much so my wife knew something was up. I tried to focus on all the happiness Abbey has shown and brought our family. But still the sadness creeps in thinking that the end is near. The toughest part of pet ownership is when they have to move on. I remembered a note by SV Nilaya, “The wind cometh the wind goeth leaving us with saggy sails and a sad heart…”

In the evening Scott (SV Malika) joined us for dinner where Jack cook up spaghetti carbonara and Scott brought a salad. I overindulged a bit. With four people we could play Codenames, switching teammates after each round. Also as per usual with this game, odd clues abounded and were at times shockingly deciphered. Good times.

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