Off on an inland adventure to Durango!

With arriving early into Mazatlan, hustling to get the critical boat projects knocked off, and confirming the haul out at the Fonatur it left us with time for an inland trip to Durango. Our friends on Moon Drifter (Helen and Ralph) visited last year and absolutely loved it. We were excited to visit a city that doesn’t get so many tourists and would give us a chance to experience a different part of Mexico.

Helen recommended taking the bus so that we could focus on the rugged mountains, tunnels, and bridges on the way to Durango. But looking at the price if would be $70 per person, whereas we could get a rental car for $25 (or so I thought) plus gas. Oh did I underestimate the costs… First the reservation did not include the mandatory liability insurance ($35 additional cost), and the tolls were crazy ($70 round trip). All told with gas it came out to about a wash. Was it worth it? Yeah, probably. It was nice to be on our own schedule and we didn’t have to deal with getting to/from the bus terminal. We also took advantage of hauling our jerry cans to the gas station using the car. But it was definitely not the cost savings I expected and going through the police check point was a bit nerve wracking. Overall it did create a few more stories so I’m glad we decided to rent a car.

Rather than blabber on about the museums we visited, the food we enjoyed, and how tired out legs were from all the walking I’ll just let you enjoy the pictures.

It was a great time and I would go back, especially since we missed the Viejo Oeste (location where more than 140 Western movies were filmed with daily wild west shows).

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