Private beach hike in Tenacatita

Last year some friends (Mike (SV Shanti) and Damon (SV Gia)) worked for days in hot, humid conditions with biting and stinging insects to clear a trail from “dog” beach in the Tenacatita anchorage over to a private beach on the opposite side of the peninsula. My schedule didn’t allow me check out their work last season so it was high up the list this year. And the trail did not disappoint. That said it was shocking how quickly nature was working to take back the trail. Nothing that a bit of fortitude couldn’t overcome but I should have brought my machete to help keep it clear.

I only made one mistake where I missed the markers (old flipper and flip flop) and continued down the wrong path a bit. This tacked on about fifteen minutes and I realized my error as the trail petered out at a private property sign. Oh well, part of the adventure. All told it is probably a 30-45 minute hike each way – you will definitely want mosquito spray there are clouds of them when you get to the grassy patches.

Exploring around the area you can easily get to a few other scenic views of the ocean.

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  • Lucie Mewes February 25, 2020 at 9:40 am

    Wow! Damon loves to work with his Machete! Terrific. Thanks for posting.


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