Pulling into San Francisquito

Up before the sun and underway just after 6:00am, we headed for San Francisquito. Visions of stocking the freezer with fish filled out heads and we motorsailed 40 aught miles south. Mellow day on the water with not much wind and calm seas. Only drawback at one point was a 1.3 knot current against us. Thankfully it only lasted an hour. The trip was super mellow and chill, light winds and calm seas. Anchor dropped with only one boat, SV Pura Vida in the anchorage.

After a rest we headed off for a fishing trip. On the way our a dinghy from Pura Vida intercepted us and it was Dave whom I had met last summer in San Carlos. He was a great guy who even sent me updates on how Strikhedonia was managing that summer last year. Plans to get together in the evening, it was time for fishing – which turned out to be pretty lack luster but given that it was not a good time of day we were happy with one barracuda and a type of rockfish. Both returned to the sea. On our return to the boat SV Big City Fish pulled into the anchorage. So there would be three of us.

Dave mentioned that when the crew from Pura Vida started hanging out in the cockpit to head on over, bummer but this never came to pass. Until next time. I whipped up some tasty stir fry for dinner and we nearly finished Season two of Black Sails – someone on board is addicted.

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