Quick stop in Agua Verde before a visit at Isla San Francisco

I love when a plan comes together…Puerto Escondido will let you tie up to the dock for an hour or two if you are renting a mooring ball (nice chance to wash the boat when needed). It made picking up Jean really easy, from getting out of the taxi to being off the dock was less than 15 minutes. Which was a good thing as we had 25 miles to get to Agua Verde and we were pushing it to be anchored by sunset.

The trip south was mellow, not much wind and just plugging along. Arriving in Agua Verde the place was packed. Wowza! Since there wasn’t much swell and no major winds we anchored off the beach with plenty of space around us. Shortly after shutting down a dinghy full of people arrived letting us know there was a movie at the women’s co-op starting at dark. Very nice offer but with an early morning coming we opted to skip the movie and have dinner at the restaurant on the far end of the beach. The fish tacos were so good Jean had to add on to her order. As an added bonus we met the family who came while we were eating. A very friendly group and we managed to work through the language barrier. With no moon and complete darkness walking back to the kayak I was kicking myself for not bringing a headlamp. I’ll admit I was a bit scared when we couldn’t find it but ultimately we just had to walk a bit further down the beach. Lesson learned.

The next morning before sunrise we were up and out. Part of the day we had the motor off enjoying the peaceful quiet of sailing. By 3:30pm we were tucked into the north side of the anchorage ready for the forecast overnight winds. Seeing as we had a long crossing coming I jumped in the water with my scuba gear to scrub the bottom. The scrubbing wasn’t too bad and I even had a friendly sea lion who kept an eye on my progress darting around the boat and underneath me. After finishing work, Jean took a kayak to shore for some yoga and beach combing while I took advantage of some down time.

The next morning was another early one as we needed to get down to Playa Bonanza this afternoon. But we couldn’t leave Isla San Francisco without a hike. This was Jean’s first chance to hike the island so we did the full loop. It was spectacular. And so was the wind which we could see was picking up out in the sea and along with the wind the waves…

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