Trying to turn lemons into lemonade by visiting Honeymoon Cove

So with Jean missing her flight I needed a pick me up, the $20/night for a mooring ball at Puerto Escondido ensured this included heading out to an anchorage. Honeymoon cove, just four miles away would be a perfect fit (so long as it wasn’t packed with boats…). After the net I cast off the mooring line and headed over. There had been some wind overnight and once out into the channel between the Baja and Isla Dazante it was rocking! Wowza, I was surprised with the size of the waves on the beam. Nothing dangerous, just at heights I had not expected. Interesting when Free Luff joined me in the afternoon they talked about how the waves were the largest waves they had seen in the sea, ever. The wind hadn’t been crazy high so it most have been some sort of funnel affect amplifying the waves.

My timing was good, and as I watched three boats leave during my approach, resulting in my choice of spots to drop anchor. Score. I choose the north side of the middle (largest) anchorage. Wow is this spot breathtaking, with deep water, like 45 deep. And with a 4:1 scope I backed down on my anchor to confirm it was set. A quick boat project (cleaning the anti-siphon valve on the port engine exhaust) and I was in the kayak to hike the island and enjoy this special place

Isla Dazante is not a large island but there are a maze of trails scattered around the northern part of the island. I hiked each and every one of them, plus a few off trail sections. The views nearly made me forget that Jean and I should be heading south today… I had saved the highest peak for last. It was a doozy. Straight up. Loose scree. Sharp drop offs. What could go wrong? I saved myself but at the top I could see the wind shifted and Strikhedonia was quite close to the shore. Best to head back to the boat.

Once aboard I found that everything was fine, this is just a very small anchorage and even with limited scope the distance to shore is close. Jody and Randy (Free Luff) had arrived so after lunch I paddled over, interrupting their lunch. Being so nice they not only invited me aboard but offer me a beer and to join them in playing Cribbage. How sweet is that! Following the game, plans were made for some late afternoon dinghy fishing.

A bit later there was a ruckus of fish on the surface so I pulled out my fishing pole and caught a mullet and barracuda. The mullet was larger than the one that jumped in the kayak last spring and would become dinner for Randy, Jody and me. As the afternoon wore on Randy swung by to pick me up and we were off on a guys fishing trip. We worked the shore line pretty well, tried jigging but the fish just weren’t biting. Could have been the wrong lures, water being too cold, or just bad luck. Regardless, it was a fun time.

I added some dorado (mahi mahi) to dinner along with the mullet and veggie rice. Randy and Jody contributed a broccoli dish and a super tasty dessert. We had a great meal, however I’ll be the first to admit that the mullet was a bust. Last time it was quite good but this time there were a ridiculous amount of small bones. Thankfully my guests were good sports and rolled with it.

The next morning it was time for another hike while I waited for Jean’s flight to depart LAX. While not as extensive at the day before it was a wonderful start to the day. Soon enough Jean was on her way and it was time for me to head for Puerto Escondido to pick her up. I puttered past Free Luff to say good bye and then motored off.

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