Quick stop in Santa Rosalia

Not thrilled about the 5:00am departure after three hours sleep but what are you going to do. Around 5:15am we motored our way into the sunrise. Soon we found 15 knots of wind (unfortunately 25 degrees to port) and with the Main at Reef 1 and Jib the engines were pulled way back. As the morning progressed, we lost our wind. Then around the valley that brought 30+ knot winds the night before we picked it up again. For the next six hours we plugged along with everyone taking some nap time to recover. Marcia makes bead and shell jewelry and she surprised me with one of each that she made special for me. I absolutely love them both, a massive thank you to Marcia!

The huge plume of dust from the gypsum mine told us we were getting close to Santa Rosalia. The last few hours chugged on by and soon enough we slipped into the marina. First bummer, no fuel. Second bummer, no water today. Third bummer, they have sort of let the place go a bit. New ownership and cost cutting was apparent. On the plus side we would save some money hauling fuel from the nearby Pemex and we were told there would be water to fill our tanks tomorrow at 9am. Another big plus was a micro-brewery at the marina.

It was full on work mode, hauling and refilling fuel tanks. Two trips and 40 gallons later that job was crossed off. Looking for a cart, I had found a lot of water in the bilge behind the head. Turns out that the gulper pump clamp had failed so the shower water had dumped in there. Lowell came up with the idea cutting off the tabs and using hose clamps to secure it. Off he went to the auto parts store. Next up was replacing the shackle to raise the SB engine. It was a bit tricky and ultimately, I had to drop the dinghy and work from water. Finally, it was shower time!

The tradition is to eat at Tonka’s Grill. A bit late for us, we wandered over passing a huge gathering in the central square. Turns out it was Dai de los ninos and there was a huge drawing of prizes for the kids along with a lot of craft stations and other activities. On we pushed and reaching the restaurant were instantly greeted by Arturo one of the owners. He always remembers us and makes us feel like a long lost friend. After getting drink orders placed, he went and called his brother Eduardo so that he could come say hello. We had a fantastic dinner of ribs, prime rib burgers, and a grilled chicken sandwich (for Marcia).

The brothers filled us in on how life has been going. Eduardo had some heart issues a couple years ago and gave up alcohol and has been doing a lot of exercise, it was shocking how much better he looked. The Loreto mayor is trying to convince them to open another restaurant there, sounds promising and no doubt would be a huge success. Sadly, given our lack of sleep around 9:30pm we had to say our goodbyes and head back to Gato Loco.

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  • Marcia May 1, 2024 at 6:06 pm

    Such a fun trip!! So lucky to be here with you all!!


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