Quick visit to Santa Rosalia, Sweet Pea Cove, and Punta Chivato

All told we spent less than 24 hours in Santa Rosalia. I like this town, but we had dreams that involved snorkeling and hiking. After a couple of trips to the panaderia, touring the old mining equipment, and picking up a few forgotten groceries – oh and a hot shower too, it was time to move on.

First stop was Sweet Pea cove for snorkeling, where we had success finding a good mix of watching fish and getting exercise. An hour later we were back on Strikhedonia for a quick snack before sailing down to Punta Chivato for the night. Deciding the wind was low enough to take the short route through Craig’s channel (there can be standing waves and ugliness) we sailed up to the pass before a wind shift forced us to start an engine. As a concession, we scored two nice Spanish mackerels before getting back in the wind. Since we had Mahi mahi caught on our crossing we froze the four meals our new catch provided. Getting past the island, we were able to get the sails backup and the engine off. Reaching Chivato and settling in to the anchorage we relaxed with a cerveza in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Mike whipped up some super fish tacos and all was right in the world.

The next morning we relaxed (quickly becoming a theme) ate breakfast, and finally headed south as the wind came up. It was yet another great day of downwind sailing into Bahia Concepcion at 4.5 to 5 knots before making our turn west towards El Burro. It was nice to have our anchor set by 4:00pm and another celebratory cerveza.

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