Enjoying Bahia Concepción, El Burro and El Requesón

One of the reasons we jumped to El Burro was last year there was live music at Estrella del Mar on Friday night followed by a different band at Bertha’s Saturday night. It just so happened to be Friday so just before dusk we hopped into the dinghy and walked over to Estrella. We were deflated to find that they had taken major damage from TS Sergio and no longer was there a roof – clearly was not going to be any music tonight. Plan B was for a drink at Bertha’s. We watched a bit of the World Series game before a dark trip back to Strikhedonia. Looking back at Betha’s we noticed that as soon as we left they shut down the lights and headed home. Glad we stuck to just one drink…

Berth’s has some fun decorations in addition to satellite TV

The next morning we were feeling a bit lazy and by 11:30 an east wind piped up so before visibility dropped we headed out to snorkel a nearby island. Arriving slightly damp from splashing waves we started putting on our snorkeling gear, imagine my surprise when I realized I left my mask on the boat. Damn it! Oh well I would walk around the island while Mike checked out what was below the water’s surface. Keeping to my one activity per day we had a chilled afternoon and evening resting up for our hike up the surrounding hills the next morning.

The last couple of times I was skunked trying to find the petroglyphs and this time was no different, no complaints since the hike is beautiful and was a special start to the day. Reaching the first peak we rested before moving along the ridge line. It was nearing the third peak I nearly stepped on a cute little rattlesnake. Whew, so thankfully I noticed him before something bad happened. My eyes were certainly on a swivel for the rest of the hike.

Back to the boat with a bit of wind we raised anchor and headed eight miles south to El Requesón, a very small island with a connecting sand spit at low tide. We had a fabulous downwind sail not dropping the sails until making our turn in towards shore. Unfortunately the wind waves were not blocked by the island. Fortunately they wouldn’t cause us any problems – especially with the wind dying around sunset.

After sunrise we paddled and found a place to crawl up to start out hike on the island. It is only about a ¾ of a mile long and fun to bushwhack our way south to north and check out desert flowers, flowering cactus, and another surprise – a second rattlesnake. After never seeing a snake prior to the last two days it is a bit unnerving to know that they have always been there but hidden under rocks.

Protection in the anchorage was limited and there wasn’t much more to see so we headed back up the bay. El Coyote was the plan but with a couple of boats on mooring balls blocked the best areas and anchoring would have been in 35 feet of water, too much if the wind started kicking, so back to El Burro.

It wasn’t the worst decision since we spent the afternoon kayaking to shore to enjoy a great snorkel with many, many fish and interesting crevasses to explore. Getting anxious to move on I rose early the next morning for a hike along the beach followed by a lengthy kayak circumnavigation of the bay and surrounding rocky points. Heat ruled the afternoon and solace was found in our floating lounge chairs under the bridgedeck. Phew that really saved the day as my body is still adjusting to the Mexican heat.

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