Halloween Party in Santispac

Halloween! Berth’s was having a party but we were ready for some place new. Santispac would give us better protection from the forecast north winds (15 to 20 knots) so move on we did. Much to my dismay our lazy start gave a couple of other boats the step on us for the best anchorage in the bay. So it was a relief we were pulled in and found there was still a good spot. Mike took a kayak off exploring and came upon mermaids, er senior ladies doing water aerobics. They liked the eye candy and invited him to join but he passed.

Then it was my turn to explore the mangrove lagoon before pulling up on the beach and walking its length. Our cruising guide mentioned a small tienda – looks like it didn’t make it. However there are two restaurants. Armando’s was clearly the favorite with cars parked in front most of the day. Good news, there was sign announcing a Halloween party and special dinner tonight!

Resting up for our big night out around sunset we headed in to the party. There was a special dinner of pork chops with a gravy, sliced potatoes, roasted vegetables, and bread. Very well done and fancy for the Baja. The band kicked in as people began drifting in with more and more impressive costumes. Little did we know that when the band finished their second set we would be treated to a special treat…

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