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Halloween Party in Santispac

Halloween! Berth’s was having a party but we were ready for some place new. Santispac would give us better protection from the forecast north winds (15 to 20 knots) so move on we did. Much to my dismay our lazy start gave a couple of other boats the step on us for the best anchorage in the bay. So it…

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Crossing back to the Baja

The planned Sunday departure from Mazatlan was lining up for a nice passage with 10-15 knots of wind filling in by the afternoon. Up with the sunrise, we threw off the dock lines and made our way out of the Mazatlan marina channel for the open ocean. I took the first shift and it wasn’t long before I was hustling…

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Shell beach Santa Domingo

Leaving El Burro in Bahia de Concepcion we were graced with a big power boat blasting down the channel. Affirming our decision to leave before the weekend brought jet skis and noise. Wow, I must be getting old… Fingers crossed that we could have another anchorage to ourselves was thwarted as we see a line of three sailboats making their…

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