Crossing back to the Baja

The planned Sunday departure from Mazatlan was lining up for a nice passage with 10-15 knots of wind filling in by the afternoon. Up with the sunrise, we threw off the dock lines and made our way out of the Mazatlan marina channel for the open ocean. I took the first shift and it wasn’t long before I was hustling to deal with multiple fish on the hand lines. But we were not as fortunate as it seems since they were all Skip Jacks (we don’t eat them due to the dark meat, yes we are picky). Hooking five fish in less than 30 minutes did make for some good entertainment.

I’m not one to complain about a calm passage, but I will mention that the winds never did fill in… Still it was an enjoyable passage watching movies, playing games, and relaxing. Much better than getting the crap beat out of us. Time past quickly and soon it was a day later with the Baja in sight. Along with the sunrise, the water went flat calm and by lunch we were settled at anchor.

Jess and Sabrina decided to do a bit of snorkeling and swam off the swim step while I knocked off a couple of boat projects. About twenty minutes later I heard them return. Turns out it was not a great day as Jess was stung by a jelly fish. Ugh, she had pulled off the tentacles in the water. It could have been worse, spots on her leg and arm having the biggest reaction and a her face had a blemish where she must have rubbed her cheek. Into the shower she went for a vinegar rinse off before a hot water wash to neutralize the toxins. Thankfully after taking a shower and popping a hydrocortisone tablet she felt better.

We relaxed a bit before paddling into shore to hit the pool at the train hotel. I should have anticipated that ordering nachos and margaritas would result in our total lack of motivation. Well we did manage to hit the water slide a few times but overall it was just a chill afternoon drifting into evening. The longer spring day was greatly appreciated and we pushed the limit not getting back to Strikhedonia until dusk, just in time to watch the sunset over the surrounding hills.

The next morning I was surprised to see the Navy vessel damn close to us (less than 80 meters). We had not moved, but it appeared they dragged anchor overnight. Not wanting to create an international incident, I started the engines and weighed anchor. As our anchor was only 45 meters away from the Navy boat I worked slowing to not provoke our hosts…

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