Shell beach Santa Domingo

Leaving El Burro in Bahia de Concepcion we were graced with a big power boat blasting down the channel. Affirming our decision to leave before the weekend brought jet skis and noise. Wow, I must be getting old…

Fingers crossed that we could have another anchorage to ourselves was thwarted as we see a line of three sailboats making their way towards us. Watching them approach it was clear these were not cruisers in the traditional sense. After they got settled in we headed to the the beach to have a chat. It turns out this was a NOLS sailing class and the students were closing in on the completion of a month sailing down the Baja coast line. They started in Bahia Los Angeles and through dead reckoning hopped down the coast in 5 – 18 miles stretches. The boats are custom made 22-foot Drascombe longboats with an instructor and five students who started the trip with zero sailing skills. The students not the instructors… For their journey they only had two days where they had to stay put due to weather. And if the weather really gets nasty these boats have the ability to be pulled up on the beach and out of the way. Sounded like an amazing experience for these college students and lots of memories they will carry on for the rest of their lives.

NOLS group

The beach at Santa Domingo is well known for being a shell hunters dream. Very limited access and a good location for shells to wash ashore gave us miles upon miles of shells to pick through. Something sad that was washed ashore with the shells was a deceased dolphin. I’m no marine biologist so I can’t tell why but I can say that this poor guy lost his battle with nature.

Deceased dolphin

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