Two days in San Juanico never enough

Leaving Santa Domingo for San Juanico we realized that the quiet anchorages we had been enjoying the past few weeks was likely coming to an end. But San Juanico is well worth more crowds and definitely ranks in our top 5 places in the Sea of Cortez. This fifty mile hop was more downwind double headsail cruising – I live for days like this, no engine just peaceful and relaxing sailing.

Deceitful picture, as we shared the anchorage with three boats the first night and five the second night

After getting the boat cleaned up I took the kayak to stretch my legs and checkout the Cruiser’s Shrine.

Left by our friends on Gato Loco, who are the co-organizers if the annual Seawind rally

The 2017 contribution by Strikhedonia

The sun was losing its battle convincing me to head home for the day

Another sunrise worthy of going to bed early

After watching the sunrise, I felt the need to check out the underwater boulders lining the western shore and explore the estuary.

Strikhedonia looking good

Entrance to the estuary

Huge cactus guarding the path

I sat here for a long time, just listening to the birds, watching the creek flow past these dramatic cliffs, and being at peace

A dinghy from a friends boat stopped by and with him was a local sea kayaking guide, who had some customers at a camp on the beach. The group had been out for a week and the fresh food was running a bit low but what everyone really wanted was some beer. Knowing how good a cold beer tastes when camping, we happily passed some cold ones over. He tried to pay but I explained that I was just happy to put a few karma coins in the jar by helping them enjoy the afternoon.

The rock pinnacle was calling as it provides great habitat for sea life. We took a long snorkel from one side, out around the pinnacle, and to the opposite shore. The highlight for me was stumbling upon an octopus. He was leery but willing to give us a good show changing his colors and stretching his tentacles to get a better grip on his rock home.

The next morning was yet another display of the Sea’s beauty, making it hard to leave. But Thanksgiving plans in La Paz force us to continue our path southward.

Sun peaking over the horizon

Before leaving, we hiked over the hills to a bay to the north. The hike was short but with the heat building we weren’t complaining. Long before we came around the bend we could hear the waves crashing strongly against the shore.

Bay north of San Juanico

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