It’s all about the sailing, right?

I mean sure we had a number of days where the engine was only used for anchoring but those days were sporadic. Coming across a patch of strong north winds provided a few days of fun, sporty sailing.

We intentionally left San Juanico in the afternoon since that would give time for the winds to build. And allow us a bit more time to enjoy this beautiful spot. By the time we were on course, we were seeing winds in the 15-20 knot range pushing us nicely towards Isla Coronado.

We were hoping to see the northwest winds diminish so that we could anchor on the beautiful sweeping southwest bay, but mother-nature had other plans and the anchorage was too exposed to the blow. As we came down the east side, as expected, the some of the wind was blocked by the island but there was still enough to sail. Thinking there could be some interesting, read big, winds as we got south of the island we furled the screecher and brought out the jib. And it was a good thing we did, rounding the point wind went from 10 knots to 30 knots. Woohoo, now we are moving. The south anchorage was close, so soon the engine was fired up and the jib put away. There were two other boats anchored, we gave them plenty of space and dropped anchor in about 20 feet of water. The wind was still blowing 20-25 knots but the land was doing a good job keeping the seas calm.

Comfortable anchorage but too windy for a shore visit

Late evening, a 50 passenger cruiseship (without guests) anchored nearby and proceeded to make a lot of noise (sounded liked an air compressor and sandblasting). Oh well, a nice dinner and the bed was calling.
With the winds continuing, I did wake up every hour or so to check things out but our Mantus anchor kept us nice and safe. In the morning we had a laugh from our overnight tracks.

The dragon looks to be planning something…

With the noise from the cruiseship we were both up early and hauled anchor as the sun was rising. Which was not a bad thing since we were looking forward to visiting Bahia Salinas on Isla Carmen.

South tip of Isla Coronados and the north side of Isla Carmen

Surprisingly we had yet to raise the main sail this season. The conditions just didn’t justify it since, when downwind sailing, the main interrupts the screecher. Also the main sail can only be let out to the shrouds or else the sail wears where the shrouds rub. But today was the day for the main with winds 60 degrees off our port side.

Sunrising with a sliver of moon still in the sky

Cruising past the north side of Isla Carmen it was fun to see La Lancha where last summer the Seawind Rally stopped for a night

Heading down the east side of Isla Carmen we were treated to the interesting colors of the Painted Cliffs

The Bahia Salinas anchorage was nice and quiet, perfect. Tucked in close to shore we enjoyed soaking in the views.

Evening “backyard” view

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