More rain, more hiking and some snorkeling and sundowners, whew!

Crazy, crazy weather. Overnight at 3:00am we had more rain. Light to moderate. It sounded nice tapping the boat and by morning it had passed on and left us with a spectacular sunrise. I jumped in a kayak and paddled to shore for my daily hike to the hill overlooking the bay. Today I added the smaller hill in front of it to add some variation. It was a beautiful morning and I was grateful for the solitude for some meditation.

Back on the boat I had missed breakfast but not to worry Jack had a breakfast burrito ready for me. Jack and Teresa were enjoying the morning on the bow reading and Vicki enjoying some time in the saloon. Later in the double kayak Teresa and Jack headed out for an adventure. And a bit later Vicki followed suit with the single kayak. I got some more β€œme” time. Lunch, still alone. Around 1pm I started to get a bit concerned. Finally around 1:30pm I could see Jack and Teresa working back to the boat – into the wind.

They had a great paddle and also went snorkeling. It was declared an 8.5 out of 10 spot with a wide variety of fish. The most exciting being a juvenile damsel that had fluorescent blue spots. Shortly later a tired Vicki made it back too. She had paddled all the way to the islands at the entrance of the bay, approximately 5 miles round trip. Time for them to have lunch then siesta time!

Once everyone was moving we jumped in the dinghy for more snorkeling in the good spot found earlier. Teresa relaxed in the dinghy while Jack and Vicki explored the underwater world and I hunted scallops and chocolate clams. I searched far and wide, with many 20 foot dives before moving towards shore. Still no luck. So I went into fish watching mode and swam through some channels of rock with interesting fish hiding in the caves and crevasses below. It was a nice snorkel but with the water down to 71 degrees we only lasted a bit over thirty minutes.

On the trip back to Strikhedonia we notice a boat that looked like our friends on Salish Dragon. So a run was made there and sure enough it was. We chatted for a bit before they offered sundowners in an hour. It was a rush to get cleaned up, get dinner started, and rinse the snorkeling gear. A bit late we piled in the dinghy with beers and snacks. Off loaded I made a run to a monohull Steve and Tracey had been talking to on the radio the past few days and who anchored after they arrived. I picked up Chris and Ian and ferried them to the party. We had a nice visit broken up with a few runs for me back to Strikhedonia to work on dinner. By 6:45pm it was time to eat so a reverse of coming brought us back to fill our bellies. After dinner Jack and I binged the last two episodes of Black Sails, success we finished the series before he headed home!

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