Seawind Rally – Baja Mexico Addition

This was the ninth year for the annual Seawind Baja Mexico rally and after a number of years living vicariously through the posts of Lowell on Gato Loco we finally had the chance to join. It was a great group of boats with three 1160s (Moon Drifter, Jolly Dogs, and Strikhedonia), one 1000 (Gato Loco), and a non-Seawind catarman (Free Luff). A second 1000 (Stray Cat) joined us for dinner the first night, but sadly his wife’s sister had a medical problem so they were hauled out the day the rally began.

Kurt from West Coast Multihulls was one of the organizers and flew down to Loreto. He is working on an interesting project where he spent a day on each boat talking to the couples and learning about their journey to sailing in Mexico. We are looking forward to reading what he comes up with about us. Maybe we shouldn’t have been so honest… It can’t go without being said that Kurt is an all-around great guy who sold most of us our boats and continues to give us all great support long after our purchases. I’m very happy to call him a friend and recommend him to anyone looking at buying a yacht.

Kick off dinner at Tripiu with a speech by Ralph on MoonDrifter

A sixth catamaran joined us one night (Stray Catz), making for a beautiful sight

Connie and Elvin were amazing hosts taking in a rag-tag group for the evening at their place in Juncalito

The reef was healthy and provided a great opportunity to snorkel

Yellowstone beach on Isla-Monserrate was a perfect spot for a beach party

Ladies enjoying sundowners, where was Helen??? Photo credit: Lowell aboard S/V Gato Loco

Strikhedondia under full sails; jib, screecher, and main Photo credit: Lowell aboard S/V Gato Loco

After finding boats in Vee cove we had to move over to La Lancha on Isla Carmen. Good holding for a breezy night

Movie night on Strikhedonia – Lowell (Gato Loco) and Ryan (Free Luff) brought their amazing drone videos over for popcorn and appetizers Photo credit: Lowell aboard S/V Gato Loco

It was great to spend time with other catamaran cruisers and enjoy days of sailing and evenings of cocktails with appetizers while sharing stories. Sadly we departed a few days before the end of the rally to catch a good weather window to Guaymas. But there is next year continue the fun.

A huge thank you to the massively inspiring Ralph and Helen (Moon Drifter) and Lowell and Frankie (Gato Loco) and Kurt for organizing the rally. We will wear our t-shirts proudly and remember all the wonderful times. Truly a highlight of our first season cruising!

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