Crossing the sea to Guaymas

Mother nature is the boss. Always.

The Seawind rally was in full swing and we went to bed planning on a couple more days of rallying with our friends. The morning weather check caused a change of plans… we had a good weather window with south winds that would push us directly to Guaymas rather than the more typical crossing from Juanico or Bahia Conception. This would make the overnight passage about 115nm.

After a morning of saying, “Until next time”, we put together the boat and around 11:00am we blasted north into the sea. Winds were consistent the entire trip from the southeast. What started as sailing with screecher and jib (no main) turned into jib only a few hours outside of Isla Carmen with the wind building to 25 knots apparent and a sailing speed of 7.3 knots.

Departing Isla Carmen (La Lancha)

Clicking off the miles

Foggy morning in Guaymas

All told it was about a 21 hour passage with an average speed around six knots. Actually would have been a higher average speed but we had to slow down to 3.5 knots for a few hours to wait for the sunrise. Most of the trip we had seas in the 5-7 foot range but a few hours of 6-9 foot with some breaking. There were of course the occasional sneaker that would be larger and surprise us but Strikhedonia handled very well and overall it was an uneventful passage. Just the way we like them.

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