Spar Tunnel Done?

For real, I think the spar tunnel is done until the wings go on… Started off adding connectors and drilling brackets made by fellow builder Leo for a set screw need to keep the Tosten stick grips from spinning.

Then moved back into wiring mode to work on the connectors that stick grips plug into. That took awhile… Also soldered the DB-15 for the FlyLED light controller PCB. Also added connectors to the PH Aviation flap actuator (and the cables it connects to).

The big distraction for the day was from Van’s. My bill of sale arrived so today was the day to get the registration paperwork submitted with the FAA. I should have done this a month ago and now it will likely delay my inspection and first flight. Shame on me.

Back to work I checked over the control system and installed the stick interconnect and stick posts. Cleaned up the cockpit and called it a day.

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