Wiring part 2??? Tunnel work continues

The tunnel is beginning to feel like an onion, peeling the layers to reveal one more item that needs to be completed before the tunnel can be called complete.

Mounted the bracket I made yesterday for the scat tube. Before securing it I took on drilling the holes for the three engine cable firewall pass-thrus. I cut the gap in the lower console for the engine cables and headphone cables. Fuck, tape peeled off the clearcoat. Back to the painter…

Switched gears to applying aluminum heat shielding to the rear seat scat tube. Followed up with riveting the pilot/co-pilot floor pans where they attach to the vertical stick panel, forgot to do this a few months ago when I riveted the floor pans. I pulled the trigger and picked a place to mount the FlyLED controller and plastic enclosure. Drilling holes for the LEDs, switch, and connectors took a bit of work but soon I was screwing the assembly together. Last project of the day was installing snap bushings for the wires that go between the pilot and co-pilot sides of the spar tunnel. Filled the snap bushings with the various cables and wires and cleaned them up with zip ties.

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