Trying to button up the tunnel

Back from winter break. Crazy but the build was at a standstill while I was gone. Huh. Guess I better get cracking.

Started the day riveting the second rear seat back and then made the hinge pins. I set them aside until after I’m able to test the avionics, just in case there is an issue and I need to get into the floor.

Then I fabricated another support bracket for the rear heat scat tube. It looked like there could be a rubbing issue with the rudder pedal/cable connection and this should keep everything clear.

The big chunk of the day was spent on the center console. I picked up the re-clearcoated panel/console from the painter and he got good adhesion this time around. Whew. I mounted the throttle quadrant which involved multiple install/removal cycles to ensure the mounting holes were in the right location. Four nutplates later I am happy with the tight fit between the quadrant and the console.

Moving on to the fuel selector, it was again a bit tricky finding the perfect hole location. But taking it slow I was able to get it perfectly centered (after a couple different ideas for locating the center of the complex curved console. Four more holes and the selector was mounted leaving cutting the extension to size. I took just a little bit at a time resulting in three cuts to get the proper length. Happy to have those items checked off, tomorrow if things go well I should have the tunnel ready for final assembly!

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