Sure, I’d love to sand fiberglass for 11 hours

Blerg, what a day. I learned a lot about making the doors fit tight and have a proper gap. So that will be helpful tomorrow when I finish the pilot door. As mentioned in the title, I spent the entire day working on the co-pilot door. First I had to get the door lock blocks located and mounted. But before they could be mounted it was critical to not have the door pressing against the cabin top – I learned this from experience… Lots of close/latch, mark position, sand, open door and repeat. As in maybe a hundred times. This involved getting out of the plane, walking around, and then climbing on the wing. Ugh. In the end I decided to also get the gap/thickness for the McMaster door seal. I needed 1/4 inch gap all the way around on the inside. Yes, more grinding. And for the top of the cabin I had to cut a 3/16 inch section with the Dremel.

So to wrap it up – I fucking hate the doors. The Co-pilot door looks great and seals tight. Fiberglass dust gets everywhere and it itches. I still have the pilot door to do. Yay me!

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