She is alive!

Huge day! Cross off the first engine start. Boy did that feel great to have an near instant start and for her to run so smooth. Whew.

Backing up, I started with installing the fuel tank vents, attaching the rudder cables to the rudder, and attaching the yaw damper cables. This is was engine prep time; flush both fuel lines, fuel flow test (55 gallons per hour), oil the cylinders (and check the oil pressure, 37 psi), and install the bottom plugs. With that done it was go time for the engine start.

After all the excitement it was back to work. Assembled and adjusted the Elevator trim tabs, tightened/torque sealed all of the hardware on the Elevator trim, began riveting the baggage area nut plates before the door started calling my name. So… refabricated the spacers for the struts after realizing I installed them upside down yesterday. Then it was on to mounting the door lock blocks. This was a process. First sanding the doors to fit tight (this was multiple hours of sanding), then locating the door pin locations, and then finally drilling the holes. That is the quick summary, it is a tredious, stressful process. After getting the holes drilled I realized I clocked the pins on the co-pilot door wrong. Ugh, I fixed one before calling it a night. Tomorrow I ‘ll get the blocks mounted and the doors locking.

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