Gull Wings in Flight

Guess what. I started the day with sanding. Knocked out of outside of both doors and lots of sanding on the windshield. Hours upon hours of bliss. Later in the day I put on, what I hope is the final fiberglass layer on the windshield. After sanding I’ll make a final determination.

The big excitement for the day was getting the doors mounted for the last time and putting up some fancy door stops to prop the doors open until the struts are attached. Looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Then it was on to the door strut bracket. This involved cutting a rectangle out of the overhead console. Drilling the three bolt holes and then floxing the gaps to form a solid base for the bracket. Tomorrow I should be able to get the strut attached on both ends. Oh yeah, I prep’d the brackets that mount to the door and assembled the mounting hardware.

Speaking of brackets, I decided it was time to install the pilot seat. Went to mount the rails and realized the mid seat bracket was not included in the QB kit. Ugh. So assembly began. Of course this is the most rivet and nut plate rich part in the airplane. Holy hannah were there a lot of parts on a small bracket. That done it was time to mount it to the airframe. Ha! What another joy. The four bolts are nearly inaccessible. With a fair amount of swearing I managed to get them all cranked down.

Last up for the day was sliding on the seat. But not of course before making a recommended mod to the seat position bracket. The addition of four nut plates makes it easier to remove the seat. So I took that on. That about wraps up the day.

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