Can’t put off sanding any longer

Well the rear windows are sanded. That was a fun start to the day. Tomorrow the outside of the door windows and then I will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Ha. Still have to sand/fill the door gaps for the McMaster Carr door seal.

After that excitement I moved on to the continuing ER tank access door project. The saga continues, as I get everything mocked up and go to test fit and realize there is not room for the hidden door hinge. Fuck. So I guess it will just be a standard hinge. Get that drill, mounted and guess what, unless I cut a lot of material (i.e. big gap) the hinge won’t allow the door to open. So plan number 3, disassembly the hinge, rejigger the spring, reassemble the hinge and then I can finally test fit and check that it will work. Good times. Anyhow I did finish up the left side. Tomorrow the right, hopefully now that I know what I am doing it will go faster.

I almost knocked off early but then decided to knock off a couple small nagging items. The wiring from the fuel senders to the GEA24 and connecting the fuel flow sensor to the wiring I previously ran. Nice to cross those off.

Oops, nearly forgot, I transferred the fuel from the ER tanks to the Main tanks. It took 24 minutes for the transfer.

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